Bulletin – 17th February 2014

Hello Skydivers!

We’ve had a pretty uneventful/diabolical start of the year, but finally had an awesome jumping day on Sunday, so it looks like the weather’s on its way up.

There’s some really exciting updates in this bulletin, including another awesome trip to the Basingstoke tunnel (you really need to get on this one!) so be sure to read through:

  1. FREE Extended Refreshers
  2. Tunnel Trip
  3. Social!
  4. BCPA Peterlee
  5. Equipment Loan
  6. Hoodies

1) FREE Extended Refreshers

Jason’s very aware that many of you will require extended refreshers, having not jumped for 3 months (if, indeed, at all). He has kindly agreed to waive the refresher fees if there are enough people who need it, so we’ve arranged for a massive extended refresh session this weekend. This will likely be the only opportunity where you can get refreshed for free, so you should do your best to make it down this weekend – let me know via the Facebook event:

2) Tunnel Trip

It’s looking like the tunnel trip is gonna be on the 6th of March. The people who went last time can definitely attest to how much fun it was, and I’d love to see some more of you raplings there this time. I’ll need to know this week how much time you’d like, as we’re going to be booking the time next weekend. The price this time around is £8.65 per minute, and totally worth it – check out the video from last time. Email Ethan (social@skydivebristol.com) for more info.

3) Social!

We’re going to begin having regular meetups where you’ll all have the chance to get drunk, talk skydiving and make fools out of yourselves. The first of these is going to be at the Highbury Vaults, a really nice little pub near campus. I had the honour of jumping with some of the UWE skydivers this weekend, and I have to admit, they’re nearly as great as us. With this in mind, it would have been criminal to not have them coming along. So come along and get to know some skydivers! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Join the Facebook event.

4) BCPA Peterlee

There are a couple of people heading up to Peterlee on the BCPA trip. Registration closes shortly, but the BCPA events are always good fun and a great excuse to get loadsa’ jumps in.

Check out the Facebook event and BCPA site for full details.

5) Equipment Loan

We have recently acquired five shiny new skydiving helmets, in a variety of sizes. These are available for loan to all club members. If you struggle to find a helmet that fits at Dunkeswell, get in touch with the committee and we can loan you one!

6) Hoodies

Hoodies are on their way and should be with ready to be collected next week.

That’s all for now!

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