Bulletin – November 14th 2013

Hi Everyone,

Good news! Our RAPS students have finally made it off the ground (literally!). Groups were jumping over the weekend and we even managed to get some people jumping today before the cloud came in. We are hoping to go down this weekend, and next Wednesday. If you’re free weekend, please comment on the facebook event. If you haven’t jumped yet, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time to do your first jump, just come along at the weekend

Congratulations must go to one anonymous RAPS jumper, who has been nicknamed “Fencey” after he took out a fence on his first landing…

1 – PwC Opportunity Challenge


We’re looking for volunteer members to take part in an exciting quiz challenge next Monday 18th November at 6pm. If you’re free, have some general knowledge and want to help the Skydiving Club win £6000, please send me an email by Saturday with your name, degree course and which year you’re graduating. It will be perfect for meeting some fellow skydivers and will look great on your CV so we encourage you to take part!

2 – Tunnel time

Bath Skydiving Club are heading to Basingstoke Airkix Indoor Skydiving Centre on Wednesday 8th December (https://www.facebook.com/events/582885431760971/). It’s a great opportunity to improve and build upon your freefall technique and is open to all skydivers, old and new. As a club, we are also hoping to head down for some time in the wind tunnel so if you’d like to be involved, email Ethan at social@skydivebristol.com

3 – Write for the website, (prizes up for grabs!)

We’re always looking for enthusiastic new members to document their experiences skydiving with the club. We’ll be issuing prizes for any well-kept blogs – see the blogs section for some current examples. Email webmaster@skydivebristol.com to get involved.

4 – Packing courses

We know a lot of you have mentioned that you would like to do a packing course to learn how to pack your own parachutes. Rest assured we are in the process of trying to set one up so watch this space. We will post news as soon as we get it!

5 – Committee Openings

Each year we offer new members the chance to get involved with the committee early on in the term. Currently, we are looking for committee members who would be interested in helping out organising our weekend courses and socials. If you think you’d be good for the role, please email me your details.

If you’ve got any questions, as always, please email me!

Hope to see some of you this weekend 🙂

Georgia x

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