Skydiving in the Algarve- April 2017

When I last wrote blog posts, I was just an AFF student…and quite a lot of jumps later, and just recently getting my C Licence, it has been a hell of a progression since! As a brief wrap up, I’ve

Level Up! More AFF Adventures…

            Once again, it’s been several months since my last blog entry, but things have been absolutely mad with the Bristol University Skydiving Club- myself included! So, what has 2016 thrown at me so far?

Two Levels, Tunnel and Other Shenanigans

It’s been a long time since I made my first blog post on Level 1, but since then, a whole heap of things have happened within the club. I thought I’d make one that wrapped up all that I’ve been

Getting Back into Skydiving- AFF L1

After months of not jumping, and coming as both a skydiving and academic fresher (in my first year for both), getting back into the sport was definitely an experience that exceeded any hype or expectation that led up to it,

Skydiving in Norway

  I’m a Norwegian girl who is now studying in Bristol. Even though skydiving in the UK is a lot of fun and the people at the dropzone is amazing, my two main dropzones back in Norway are still a

Skydiving Abroad: Tokyo, Japan 2015

One of the greatest perks to your Skydiving licence is being able to go to any dropzone worldwide. So far this year, I have visited 5 UK dropzones as well as Seville, Spain and Tokyo, Japan. Going to another country

Not Another Skydiving Story

For the first post on my blog, I thought it would only be fair to talk about a first-time experience from my life. This was quite apt because two days ago, I jumped out of a plane… A combination of

Captain’s Log: Dummy Pulls

With great trepidation, as usual, I set out again for Nethers, and, as usual, butterflies invaded my stomach bringing the usual foreboding. Early start by my standards at 7pm Sat morning. Trip down uneventful save a kamikaze pigeon that did