Experienced Jumpers

Skydiving in the Algarve- April 2017

When I last wrote blog posts, I was just an AFF student…and quite a lot of jumps later, and just recently getting my C Licence, it has been a hell of a progression since! As a brief wrap up, I’ve

Skydiving Abroad: Tokyo, Japan 2015

One of the greatest perks to your Skydiving licence is being able to go to any dropzone worldwide. So far this year, I have visited 5 UK dropzones as well as Seville, Spain and Tokyo, Japan. Going to another country

Kit Store

We are proud to be in possession of some of the finest and safest equipment for use free of charge by our experienced members. These include: 3 x Altimaster Galaxy Altimeters 5 x Symbiosis FS Jumpsuits (various sizes) 3 x

We’re moving to Dunkeswell!

White Beech99 at Dunkeswell

As of November 2013, Bristol University Skydiving Club will begin to relocate our home drop-zone to Dunkeswell Airfield (Skydive UK Ltd). The decision to move has not been an easy one, but the transfer will allow us to keep our

Submitting Achievements on the BCPA Website

BCPA Website

All skydiver ‘achievements’ should be submitted online to the BCPA website. This ensures that you can receive the recognition you deserve, and also ensures that we are correctly ‘ranked’ in the universities’ league. There is a long list of qualifying