Getting Started

It’s really easy to get started with Skydiving, but we’ve broken it down into three easy steps anyway:

1: Join Bristol University Skydiving Club

It costs just £30 to join the club for a year. With your membership, you will get unlimited access to all of our state-of-the-art club kit (subject to availability), a club hoodie, and an invitation to the best club socials around in Bristol! There may even be a free drink included.

You can join the club online by visiting the UBU website. Non-members of Bristol’s SU may have to purchase Associate Union Membership.

2: Learn to Skydive

We offer two skydiving courses, RAPS and AFF. Both courses have their respective merits and it’s really down to personal choice when deciding which one is best for you. They are briefly outlined below:

The static-line course is the course favoured by most students, since it is far cheaper than the alternative. The course involves a day of intensive ground training, and a series of short ‘refreshers’ to gradually build up your skydiving skills base. It is theoretically possible to qualify in 18 jumps, although it can take people up to 30. Note that jump tickets beyond the first jump cost just £46 until you reach 15,000 feet, then £67 for the final few jumps before you qualify (inclusive of kit hire).

Check out our complete guide to RAPS.

We offer RAPS first-jump-courses for £190, this includes transport, accommodation, all the necessary insurance and your first jump.

AFF is one of the fastest ways to gain your skydiving certification: as the name suggests, this is an ‘Accelerated’ training method. With intense coaching and as few as 18 jumps (8 AFF levels + 10 ‘consolidation jumps’), you could be qualified as a solo ‘A Licence’ parachutist. This course is a series of ground training sessions, instructor accompanied skydives and comprehensive de-briefs. It can be done in as short a time as 4 days or over several weeks or months – the weather and your own person schedule will determine the time scale.

Check out our complete guide to AFF.

AFF ground schools can be organised on an individual or group basis (groups of four). The ground school costs £350, which includes your transport, accommodation, all the necessary insurance and your first jump. The entire course (i.e. levels 1-8) costs in the region of £1,400 to complete.

Note that you will have to pay drop-zone membership (£36) and BPA membership (£105.92 per year) at some point before you qualify.

3: Keep on Jumping!

Both RAPS and AFF lead you towards your skydiving A-licence. This means that you can skydive by yourself (i.e. without the guidance of an instructor) anywhere in the world. You can now really take the sport in whichever direction you desire. There are numerous routes to progression.

Link to BPA website: Training & Progression

We have RAPS and AFF courses running at the moment. Please visit the Bristol SU website to view our course dates and sign up for a course.