We’re moving to Dunkeswell!

White Beech99 at Dunkeswell

As of November 2013, Bristol University Skydiving Club will begin to relocate our home drop-zone to Dunkeswell Airfield (Skydive UK Ltd). The decision to move has not been an easy one, but the transfer will allow us to keep our training standards high but our student prices low.

Dunkeswell have a very similar set-up to what we’re used to, the crucial difference being that we will experience a more streamlined service than previously. Their reputation for membership satisfaction is held in high regard and their pricing strategy will be consistent yet affordable. Also, with access to two Beech 99s, a Cessna caravan (for RAPS students) and a Hughes 500 helicopter, there certainly is no shortage of aircraft to jump from.

The prices for jumping at Dunkes are as follows:

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[citem title=”RAPS” id=”citem_21″ parent=”collapse_32″]

  • FJC £190
  • Progression £40
  • Progression block 5 £175 (£35 per jump)

Dunkeswell have recently made significant investment in RAPS equipment, meaning you’ll be training with brand-new, state-of-the-art kit. Students who have trained at Netheravon will soon be welcome to join the refreshers (and jump) at Dunkeswell, however you are advised not to make the move for the foreseeable future.

[/citem][citem title=”AFF” id=”citem_13″ parent=”collapse_32″]

  • Full Course £1350
  • Consol £40
  • Consol. block 5 £175 (£35 per jump)

[/citem][citem title=”Experienced” id=”citem_42″ parent=”collapse_32″]

  • £20 to 15000ft
  • Kit Hire £15 with packing

[/citem][citem title=”Facilities” id=”citem_60″ parent=”collapse_32″]

  • Bunkhouse with Wi-fi £1 per night per person
  • 2 Beech 99’s 8 minute climb to 15k (Experienced/AFF)
  • C208 Cessna Caravan (RAPS)
  • Aviator open for breakfast and late licence 2am with discounts available.


If you have any queries/concerns about the move to Dunkeswell, please get in touch with the committee.

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