Our Home Dropzone

White Beech99 at Dunkeswell

Dunkeswell has been our home dropzone for the past three years, allowing us to provide affordable training to students of the University of Bristol. With a total of three Beech 99s taking us to a maximum altitude of 15,000 ft super fast, progression towards your skydiving licence and beyond is swift.

Dunkeswell has a similar setup to most dropzones, with free camping, a cheap bunkhouse costing £2.50 a night and free wifi. In addition The Aviator, a restaurant and bar with a 2AM late licence is next door with discounts available.

Experienced jumpers enjoy 15,000 ft jump tickets for £20 and kit hire with packing for £16.50. Bristol Club members also benefit from the free use of university club kit, subject to availability and jumper skill level.

A RAPS ‘Static Line’ First Jump Course is £190, with further training tickets costing £35 a jump when purchased in blocks of 5. This includes kit hire and packing, along with instruction from the great instructors down at Dunkeswell.

An AFF course costs somewhere in the region of £1400 from first jump to Licence. Whilst being the more expensive option of the two, progress is significantly faster and less frustrating than RAPS.

For more information on RAPS or AFF click on the links in this sentence.

If you have any questions about Dunkeswell or learning with the club please get in touch with the committee or visit Dunkeswell’s Website.

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