Skydiving in Norway



I’m a Norwegian girl who is now studying in Bristol. Even though skydiving in the UK is a lot of fun and the people at the dropzone is amazing, my two main dropzones back in Norway are still a bit more like home. One of the things I love about skydiving in Norway is the amazing view. Big fjords, lakes, fields, villages and mountains as far as the eye can see, all in one jump!


I began as a PAPS-student at a small skydiving club in a city called Bergen, where our plane, Malvin, can fit up to 4 skydivers. The plane takes off at the main airport in Bergen, and we jump of over the agriculture school Stend not far away. There we get picked up by a minibus that takes us back to the clubhouse at the airport.  As a RAPS-student on a small Cessna 182 plane, you need to climb out the door and hold on to a pole under the wing, where you will hold on until you get the thumbs up from the instructor and can let go of the plane. This was without a doubt the scariest part of skydiving when I started as a student. I didn’t mind jumping out of a plane 13.000 feet above ground, but the fact that I could slip and hit my head on the weal was terrifying. Now on the other hand is Malvin one of my favorite planes to jump out of. As a B-licensed skydiver, a linked exit with 3 people from that plane is one of the funniest things I have tried (not always succeeded) doing. Tanking one foot on the wheel and diving out is not too bad either.



The other dropzone I have been to in Norway is Voss. This dropzone reminds me a lot of Dunkeswell in the UK. Great dropzone and a lot of awesome people! Voss has two caravans and one Cessna 182, so getting a lot of jumps on a sunny summer day is no problem. The clubhouse, landing area and airstrip is also at the same spot, so no minibus required!



I have spent about 2 weeks at Voss this summer. I used one weekend at a canopy handling course with Brian Germain, where I learned more about skydiving than I have learned in my entire life! I learned a lot about things like parachute aerodynamics, accuracy, maneuvers and landings. We even got to try flying in formation under canopy, which terrified me before I got to try it, and is now my favorite thing to do under canopy. This course made me love canopytime just as much as I love free fall, and I have pulled high on most of my jumps after this to get some extra minutes in the air. I also managed to get my B-licence at Voss this summer (jey me!), got to try a little bit of freefly for the first time and got to do my 3rd helijump. If you have not tried jumping out of a helicopter before, make sure to put it on your bucket list! It’s awesome!



Starting to skydive in Norway has without doubt been one of my best decisions. I feel like I have been introduced to a whole new world filled with fantastic and interesting people. And the fact that I can travel and use my skydiving license all over the world, makes it all even more intriguing.

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