Summer Jump Courses

Come enjoy the beautiful weather with us! We’re running first jump courses throughout July and August to take advantage of the blue skies and sun. You can choose to train using either Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) or RAM Air Progression System (RAPs/Category Systems).

AFF begins from max altitude (15,000ft) and gives you around 1min of freefall from your very first jump – a solo skydive with 2 instructors! Throughout the course, you learn more freefall skills and, after 8 levels and 10 consolidation jumps, you earn your A licence.

RAPs students start on static line jumps from 3,500ft. The static line pulls your parachute automatically so you only have to focus on a good body position and canopy handling skills – which are taught during the full day of training! After progressing onto dummy pulls and freefall jumps, you also earn your A licence.

Full details are available on the Getting Started section of the website. Please contact us for course availability!

7 Responses to Summer Jump Courses

  1. ananthaakp says:

    Hello, I would be visiting Bristol in summer and am a student in Finland. I would like to participate in an AFF. Can you send me details at

    • Robyn Dean says:

      Hi, I’ll send you some details by email but we will be running courses throughout the summer, subject to demand, though we don’t have any dates confirmed at the moment. Thanks!

  2. Ben says:

    Hi I’m currently a second year student at Bristol University and was wondering how I could participate in an AFF?

    • Ed Rose says:

      Hi Ben, message our facebook page at and one of our committee members will be able to help you out

  3. AnnaG says:

    Hey 🙂 How do I book onto an AFF course and where can I see the available dates? #tightlines

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