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Bulletin – 17th February 2014

Hello Skydivers! We’ve had a pretty uneventful/diabolical start of the year, but finally had an awesome jumping day on Sunday, so it looks like the weather’s on its way up. There’s some really exciting updates in this bulletin, including another

Training Complete! (All we need now is the weather….)

We’ve had a bitter-sweet start to the skydiving year, with lots of exciting new training but no jumping as of yet. In the last three weeks, we’ve trained 36 RAPS students and 3 AFF students to be ready for their

We’re moving to Dunkeswell!

White Beech99 at Dunkeswell

As of November 2013, Bristol University Skydiving Club will begin to relocate our home drop-zone to Dunkeswell Airfield (Skydive UK Ltd). The decision to move has not been an easy one, but the transfer will allow us to keep our

Submitting Achievements on the BCPA Website

BCPA Website

All skydiver ‘achievements’ should be submitted online to the BCPA website. This ensures that you can receive the recognition you deserve, and also ensures that we are correctly ‘ranked’ in the universities’ league. There is a long list of qualifying

A Guide to Category System

The CS (‘Category System’) static line course is the most popular (and affordable) way for students to learn to skydive. You will start with an intensive ground school course, before making your first ever solo parachute descent. From here, the

Refresher for SkydiveBristol.com

We’ve launched our brand-new website today! We’re ditching the old achievements tracker in favour of the existing system on the BCPA website and we’ve completely started again with the website. The new look will simplify things for our members, making

Club Hoodies are In!

Ok, so we know that the only reason you joined Skydiving Club is for the free hoodie, so here it is (well almost)… The exact location is being kept top secret (it’s Bar 100), but mark this date into your

Second lot of RAPS ‘victims’

Today we saw our second syndicate of the year of RAPS students taking their first jump course. Sadly, due to high winds, there was no jumping all weekend but we hope to see everyone back and up in the air in the